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Who are Cominel?

Cominel is an Italian company founded in 1996 that is dedicated to the production and marketing of reels for special cables. Their experience in plastics processing allowed them to expand into the world of helice shooting targets in 2010. Since then, Cominel has become the official supplier of major international shotgun shooting championships, including helice shooting.

ELICIO.ES is the exclusive distributor of Cominel helices for SPAIN, PORTUGAL, FRANCE, EGYPT and some other countries.

COMINEL helices are approved by the main International Helice Shooting Federations.

Features of Cominel helices

The choice of materials and the design of the hook make the target fragile and the separation of the witness cap constant with each throw, thus ensuring a fair and fun competition. The witness cap is always made with quality elastic materials and, unlike the helice, resists firing so it can be reused several times.

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