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Full shooting range management system

Software Elicio.es


Generation and downloading of facility usage reports, courtside payment machine data, customer management, shooting disciplines, rates…

Real time data

During the use of the facilities, data obtained from card reading machines, payment machines and token ATMs can be obtained in real time. Compatible with Multipull Systems (E.Progetti Software).

CRM All in One

Complete shooting range management software. With this program you will be able to fully manage all the essential and advanced aspects of the day-to-day running of a shooting club.


Customer/shooter management

  1. Shooter types: Member, non-member, subscriber, plate, propeller, skeet…
  2. User file: Complete file of all users with the possibility of including personal and contact information, payment information, use of facilities…
  3. CRM: Tools for management and customer relations.
  4. Usage data and reports: You will be able to know how each client of the range uses the facilities, how much they spend, what shooting disciplines they practice and with that data make balances, expenses and reports.

Range management

  1. Club or shooting range setup.
  2. Management of shooting disciplines.
  3. Management of facilities (courts) and their payment or identification elements in connection with the physical media located on each court with real-time data.
  4. Management of cardholders or ATMs: types of payment card, currency, accounting of that specific machine, customer cards…
  5. Rate management according to type of user or shooting discipline.
  6. Reports and balances: expenses, income.
We Install

We take care of the installation of the licenses in the field’s computer system and all connections with peripherals, tests and diagnostics.


We train club or shooting range staff in the use of the software, resolution of minor incidents and day-to-day work with the program.


We offer ongoing technical support to resolve incidents, apply improvements, user support…