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Running target on rail

The moving target is a fun modality of shooting sports that can be practiced with various types of weapons and ammunition, including bows.

thesilhouette runs along a track in a back-and-forth trajectory (left-right and right-left), with automatic rotation in both directions at the end of each trajectory. Easy assembly. No electrical installation Su velocidad variable le permite alcanzar los 50km/h, pudiendo tomar curvas y salvar cambios de rasante. De esta manera, se puede adaptar a la orografía del terreno.

  • Easy assembly. No electrical installation
  • Round trip and Automatic turn in both directions
  • Variable speed up to 50km/h
  • Allows curves and grade changes
  • Returns to the shooter for impact checking (Optional. Not available for standard straight rail)

Standard Moving Target Installation Pack

Our service includes assembly and commissioning and a short training session.

Before that, we examine the area where the installation is requested and we are in charge of studying the feasibility and obtaining the necessary permits for the installation of the moving target system.

Foam Shape

The target is a silhouette made by cutting light material representing an animal. It can be a wild boar or another animal to the client’s liking.


The system is autonomous, does not require a nearby electrical installation and works with a rechargeable battery that is provided in the basic package.

Remote Control

To launch or stop the target we provide one of our remote controls from which you can control all the parameters of the moving target.

Tramo de 50 metros

The basic installation consists of a 50-meter section of lane, which can be expanded and improved with additional elements.

Installation and Set-up

We install the rail, the moving target and carry out the relevant functional tests.

Training Session

We teach the client to handle the moving target, assembly and disassembly of the silhouette and basic care of the installation.

Options and extension of the basic installation.

The basic 50 meter straight rail installation can be expanded by additional elements.

Transponder with solar cell

Necessary for installations more than 50 meters. 1 repeater required every 100 meters.

Curve Section

Perfect for widening and making curvy routes more fun.

Right Ending Section

Additional section ending to the right.

Left Ending Section

Additional section ending to the left

Mounts with rods

Allows the section to be raised above ground level.

Stainless steel splice

Necessary to join sections of rail.

Connection with stainless steel limit switch

Necessary to join sections of rail.

Turnbuckle and cable

Ending Brake

It is placed at the end of the section to stop the inertia of the moving target.

Jute Sand Bags

Protect the rails and mechanisms from low shots by hiding behind a barrier of these bags.


  • 1 Figure
  • 1 Battery and Charger
  • 1 Transmitter
  • 1 Tensor and cable (100 mts) Inox
  • 1 Final right leg. Inox
  • 1 Final left leg. Inox
  • 2 Brake stops for final section. Inox
  • 5 Joints. Inox
  • 2 Limit switch joints. Inox
  • 48 mt. tube 60x60x1.5. Iron
  • 13 Stands. Iron and Inox