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ELIMATIC 45 12V Inox

ZZ Helice Throwing Machine

Best-selling in over 15 countries.

Portable helice thrower with automatic reload.

The Elimatic 45 12V Inox is a helice launching machine designed for sport and recreational shooting. Made of stainless steel, this machine is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for use on shooting ranges worldwide. It complies with international helice shooting rules.
  • Capacity for 50 helices. Launches any type of approved helice.
  • Power supply 12V DC- 350W Max., with feeder 115/230 VAC.
  • Fully portable, easy assembly in the field.
  • Detachable in two parts without tool.
  • Allows to be installed, eventually, on the ground level.
  • Recharge time 7sec.
  • Optical sensor that detects a faulty load and recharges again.
  • It can works as an automatic ball trap machine.
  • Individual or collective speed control
  • Ángulo de lanzamiento vertical, fácilmente regulable entre 30º y 45º
  • Vertical release angle, easily adjustable between 30º and 45º
  • Horizontal Launch Angle 90º (72º optional for machines installed in pigeon fields in 1st and 2nd position). Easily adjustable without changing machine position

The distribution services of Elimatic helice launching machines include advice, planning, and installation of the entire comprehensive shooting range system, for which, in addition to the planned Elimatic 45 12V machines, the entire management and launching system is installed, consisting of:

Full system for shooting ranges.

Development and planning of facilities for shooting ranges for the discipline of helice shooting.


External 12V power supply for ELIMATIC machines.

Input: 110/220V
Output: 12V/350W

EP-ELI-02 Control Unit

Specially designed and developed for the disciplines of HELICES and PIGEON.


8Ω High Sensitivity Black ABS Microphone 125 mm.


Referee box FITASC

No Bird

Helice loading and transportation accessories

Comfort during helice transportation and machine loading is essential for the proper operation of shooting ranges. To address this, we have developed these useful accessories to facilitate these tasks:


Reload transportation cart. Capacity: 250 helices.

  • Allows reloading in just a few minutes.
  • Made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Very lightweight and equipped with puncture-proof wheels.


Loading rod. Capacity: 30 helices for quick and easy reloading of Elimatic 45 12v machines.


The complete set for helice shooting ranges consists of:

  • 6 ELIMATIC 45 12V
  • 1 Microphone with stand
  • 6 External Power Supply
  • 1 Noise microphone
  • 1 Control Unit EP-ELI-02
  • 1 Transport trolley (helices not included)
  • 1 Signal Wiring harness
  • 1 Load bar
  • 1 Microphone wiring harness