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ELICIO.ES guarantees you a complete after-sales service and maintenance of facilities for clubs and individuals throughout the national territory.

Advice and instruction in the handling of equipment, repair of technical breakdowns, resolution of doubts, etc.
And all this with personalized attention from a team of qualified professionals in all areas of action.


Exclusive Official Technical Service for Spain of the entire range of LAPORTE products (Skeet shooting machines, clay pigeons, flying archery, paintball, and original accessories) and ELETTRONICA PROGETTI (Distributors, Microphones, Files, monitors, markers and electronic accessories )

Preventive services before competitions, shoots or after periods of inactivity

Technical Assistance for shootings and competitions with extensive experience accredited in official events of the highest level, both national and international. Commissioning of facilities and resolution of problems and breakdowns.


Special studies and facilities and custom orders, personalized according to the needs of each client and each shooting club.

Modification and adaptation of old machines, structures, design of programs for distributors as needed; Sporting, Scouts, Files, Cards, etc.

The customized solutions proposed by the client, such as the cabin mounted on a tower that houses a launching machine like the one shown in the image, are unconventional jobs that Elicio.es can carry out without any problem.


Through the collaborating company CETI 3000, we put at your disposal a team of technicians with extensive experience in advising, studying and managing all the procedures and certifications necessary for the opening, expansion or modification of shooting ranges of any type, both provisionals such as compak sporting permaments, pit, skeet, double pit, propellers or moving targets.

Also canine facilities and hunting tours.